1.Nam-thok Baptist Church

Pastor Cee (brother to Yota) and his wife have been at Namthok for six years.┬áThere are about 15 families in his village. Recently the government has relocated another village┬áto Bro. Cee’s location with about 60 additional families. This opens up tremendous opportunities.

Left to right. Bro. Horn, Pastor Cee, his wife Archar, and Srichand

Dr. Tom Wallace, Jim Westerfield,
and Tim Lindsey sing for the church service.
Later in the service Dr.Wallace preached

People begin to gather for the church services

One of the youth groups sings for the services prior to Bro. Wallace preaching. We continually strive to keep the work of the Lord before the kids of the home. We accomplish this by having them participate in the church work.

A few of the baptisms at Nam-thok Baptist Church