2.Bawn Cee Baptist Church (Four House Baptist Church)

This is one of the villages that weredisplaced by the government. These villages, like many others are looked upon as squatters and can berelocated at any time. Ending up on theside of the highway and because there wereonly four families the name has stayed with them.

Here you see the property that was purchased and the new church building that has almost been completed.
Normally property is not bought for the people,the Lord sent the funds. We will only provide 80% of the money necessaryto build a church building. The people of the village have to provide the rest.They arenot allowed to borrow the 20 % and this is a tremendous amount forthese people to have to come up with.
We feel it necssary that he peoplehave a part in the construction of the church.

The church membership always enjoys having visitors come to the church
and always prepare ameal.

Bro. Horn visits with some men of the during the construction phase ofthe church.