Update From Thailand 03/08/2020

Dear Friends,  This week has been a busy week for us as we travel to the different outreach ministries. Our young people continue to work on the new church building little by little. We thank the Lord for all those who have been able to send money for this new ministry. We thank the Lord also for the workers who have been able to go to the different churches to help out with teaching, cooking, playing music for services and much more. This week there were 5 saved at Nongloam. Our outreach churches had 1saved and 3 baptized. We thank the Lord for your faithful prayers and support. Please continue to pray as some of the children go home this week for the summer break. Also, pray for those who stay to help do more work at the outreach ministries.
– Mrs. Srichand HornAnd Nongloam Baptist Ministries