Update From Thailand 06/21/2020

Dear Friends,  We would like to say Happy Father’s Day to all of you Fathers who work hard each day to care for your families and raise them in the service of the Lord. May the Lord bless and protect you. We also thank the Lord for the time that we had with Pastor Horn who was like a father to many of the people here in Thailand as he helped lead them in growing spiritually. This week our people were able to go to some of our different outreach ministries and serve. There was much work done at Udon Thoni on the building and at Roied there were 2 souls saved. Back at Nongloam, the rice is beginning to be planted and the children have started school at the mission. We thank you all for your faithful prayers and support for the ministry here in Thailand. Please continue to pray for all the work being done. Also, please pray for us as we teach the children at the mission until the schools open back up. It is a lot of work and requires much patience. Our prayers is that these children will not only succeed in academics but that they will also grow in the knowledge of the Saviour.
-Mrs. Srichand HornpAnd Nongloam Baptist Ministries