Update From Thailand 07/05/2020

Dear Friends,  We hope that you all are doing well and were able to spend a safe time with family and friends as you celebrated the birth of our great nation. This week here in Thailand was a week of working in the rice field. Many of our workers and the children helped to get take care of the rice field. This week we were also able to send a team out to Hoisan Baptist to spend the Sunday service. During the service, there was 1 saved 1 baptized and 2 first time visitors. At Nongloam we had a good turn out and a great time of fellowship between the services. We thank you all for your faithful prayers and support for the ministry here in Thailand. We thank the Lord for how he has kept us safe and things are slowly returning to normal. We pray that the Lord keep you all safe. Please continue to pray for us as we have much to do and many souls we wish to reach this year. By God’s grace, we will continue to serve.

-Mrs. Srichand HornAnd Nongloam Baptist Ministry