Update From Thailand 05/09/2021

Dear Friends,  We come to you this week wishing all the Mother’s in the States a blessed Mother’s Day. We thank the Lord for the blessing of mothers. This week we are also grateful for the Lord’s hand over us as we went out soul winning. Our team this week was able to pass out over 43,000 tracks and lead 231 people to the Lord. Despite the virus, despite the quarantine, and despite all the reasons we could use to take a break we have been able to continue to reach others and during this time the Lord continues to bless our efforts. We thank you all for your faithful prayers and support that have helped us as we continue to reach many souls for Christ. I would like to thank Mrs. Reed and others for the gifts and well wishes this Mother’s Day. This week we also ask that you lift the Fisher family in your prayers. Pastor Doug Fisher has been a tremendous blessing to our people on many occasions and is a great man of God but his health has been up and down. Please pray that the Lord will heal him and give him a great recovery. Also please pray for peace and strength for his family and church.

-Mrs. Srichand HornAnd Nongloam Baptist Ministries