Update From Thailand 07/04/2021

Dear Friends,  We would like to wish all of you in the States a Happy Independence Day. This week in Thailand has been very busy with traveling. We first were able to travel up north to ChiangRai. Afterward, we traveled south to then go to Nakonswan for the wedding of Pastor Sehmish’s son Curtis. We then returned home for the wedding of sister Pan’s daughter, Pat. During the week the Bible students were also able to go out soul-winning and had 83 saved and passed out 42,000 tracts. We thank you all for your faithful prayers and support for the ministry here in Thailand. Please continue to pray for us that the COVID numbers will go down and we will be able to fully open back up the churches. We thank the Lord for all He has allowed us to do despite the restrictions.

 -Mrs Srichand HornAnd Nongloam Baptist Ministries

Update From Thailand 6/27/2021

Dear Friends,  I open this week with a grateful heart to all those who have wished me a happy birthday and to those who continue to support and pray for me as I serve the Lord another year here in Thailand. The Lord truly has continued to bless. This week I was able to give my older truck to Br. Tawatchi to use at Houysand and to go to two other new church. Pastor Barnabus was also able to get a new motorbike to travel to the different churches and we look forward to the growth of these ministries. The children are now required to complete school work on Saturday’s to make up days and those who don’t have class work help out with other choices around the mission. Every has their job to do. This week our people passed out 54,343 tracts. There were 151 souls saved this week.  We at the ministry here in Thaoland are so grateful to you all for your faithful prayers and support. This ministry has been able to accomplish so much through your prayers and support. We ask that you please continue to pray for the Covid-19 situation here as we are trying to opening our 11th church in July.

-Mrs. Srichand HornAnd Nongloam Baptist Ministries