Update From Thailand 08/01/2021

Dear Friends,  

God is always good. The mouth of July was a month we watched the Lord do amaze g things. Though the COVID numbers continue to grow we thank the Lord that we have been able to find places open where we were allowed to share the gospel going in the name of Jesus. The school in Lamphun has closed again giving us 2 weeks with the children being homeschooled and giving us a chance to spend more time in the Bible with them. For the month of July there were 152,102 tracts passed and 809 Souls saved 809. We thank you all for your faithful prayers and support. We ask that you continue to pray that more areas will open up for us to go. Please also pray that the Lord will keep all of us safe. 

-Mrs. Srichand HornAnd Nongloam Baptist Ministries.