Update From Thailand 03/20/2022

Dear Friends,  This week a group of us were able to travel to Wang Marew to help brother A Tit with the church there. The children will be finishing up the school year on the 25 of March. We are excited to have 2 graduates from high school this year, Ampawadee and Chaiyanun. Then we also have 6 graduating from grade school  4 boys 2 girls. At Nongloam today Meema translate for brother Short as he preached because the rest of us are in Moungkong.  Wednesday the 23rd we have the graduation for 1-6 grade and some of the children will be returning to their villages. This week brother Gowit had a church member asked him to go see their family in another city. He was able to go as they requested and turn out that 2 souls were saved. Praise the Lord! In total brother Gowit’s church had 2 saved, Nongloam had 7, and Wang Marew 2. 
We thank you all for your faithful prayers and support for the work here in Thailand. Please pray as we will leave for Roi Ed on the 25th. This church has been closed on and off for the past few years and needs a revival. Please pray that the hearts there will be tender towards this revival meeting .
-Mrs. Srichand Horn And Nongloam Baptist Ministries