Update From Thailand 08/21/2022

Dear Friends, 

 This week we are thankful for all that we have accomplished. We have been able these past few weeks, to spend time helping at 4 of the different ministries We have been able to host Saturday English and music classes and be able to visit the neighboring schools. We hope that with this help these ministries will grow and be able to handle the care of the church on their own. This week,  Nongloam had 4 saved. At the school in Udon, we were able to witness to 150 kids and 14 teachers. About 87 of the kids were saved.

 We thank you all for your continued prayers and support for the ministry here in Thailand. Please pray as we have much planned for the coming week. We will be leaving Nongloam on Thursday to go  to Udon to help start the ministry to the school in their providence. Then we will leave for Roi Ed for the wedding of Br. Athit on Tuesday at 10:00 at Nongwang Church. Then our group of 10 of us will head back to Nongloam the following Thursday. Please keep us in your prayers as we travel and please pray that the Lord will use us greatly while there.

-Mrs. Srichand HornĀ  And NongloamĀ Baptist Ministries