3.Bookok Baptist Church

Bro. Horn with Pastor Yota and his wife, ArMont and Mrs. Horn
and a lady form the church that ends up in most pictures.
Bro. Yota has been with our ministry for 7 year sand the church is doing very well . Most allthe churches have
children at the home.

Members stand in front of the church
building,waiting for the services to begin. Bro. Hornhas preached here
numerous of the service begins as
Bro. Horn makes his way from the front door to the pulpit. The floor is
bamboo and sinks about 6 inches as Bro. Horn crosses the floor.

This is a picture of the pastor’s house. Because the property the church sat on was too small for the new church building . Bro. Yota gave his property to the church and he and his family moved into the old church building.

This is the new church building that was provided by Pembina Valley Baptist Church in Canada, Pastor Mike Sullivant.

The laying on of hands for the men that were ordained during the 2006 Mission’s Conference