Staff Church

Before Pastor Horn grew very ill he made sure to train and ordain some men to care for the church in his absence. Boy runs the church with the help of his wife Cake. Everything is kept looking nice and running smoothly. Lumyome was ordained as the lead soul winner and runs the soul winning program for the bible students with his wife Lot. Gowitt and Lumyome are both ordained to baptize and you may see them in our weekly pictures of the baptisms. Gowitt also teaches Sunday school. Mrs. Horn’s sister-in-law Pan helps with keeping track of the offering, how many are saved, baptized, and visitors. Somnook and Lumyome are both in charge of running the vans to pick up people for the services. Meema and Aya are our piano players.

Br.Boy and Cake Church caretakers

Mrs. Horn’s brother ,
his wife Pan,and their daughter
Church secretary

Br. Yome, his wife Lot,and their two sons
Pastor of soul winning ministry

Br. Gowitt, his wife Somsong,and
their two kids Pastor of outreach ministry

Somnook Leader of bus ministry

Meema Piano player

Aya Piano player