It takes a lot to run a children’s home with an average of 90 plus kids and without the staff and interns it would be very difficult.

Mrs. Horn
Director of the hildren’s ome ministry

Pan Home school teacher

MeemaGirl’s dorm overseer

SamnookBus driver and bible teacher for home school students

Mrs. Horn has been in charge of the children’s home from the very beginning.She has put so much into the work and into the lives of the children here. Two lives that she had a part in now stay to care for the new children. Meema is in charge of the girl’s dorm and Luke is in charge of the boys dorm. This job entails a lot as they watch the kids and teach them good behavior, make sure the kids learn the rules of the mission and follow them, keep the dorms clean and in order, making sure the kids have all they need, helping with laundry and sewing and much more.Once the kids graduate from sixth grade they no longer go to the local school but instead are taught here at the mission. Pan has taken on the task of teaching the home school kids and making sure they are able to get there GED. Samnook helps with driving the van when the kids go out and also teaches bible to the home schoolers.